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Found 1 result

  1. I just installed windows 8 to try it out and the game runs fine on it. Here is how i did it. Step 1. Right click the demo of the game and run as administrator. Step 2. Install as normal. Step 3. Right click the unified installer and run as admin. Step 4. Allow it acces to the internet to install the files it needs. Step 5. Windows will want to install a updated file and you will have to reboot your comp before you can run the launcher. Step 6. Reboot your comp after installing the unified installer and windows updates it files. Step 7 Update the launcher and the game. Run the launcher and let it update and restart and update the game. Step 8. Run the game. Make sure it runs adequately it runs on this hp compaq nc8430 with the default video card drivers in 8.. 4-6 fps but it runs. Step 9. Update your video card drivers as needed. I used the vista 64bit drivers from hp in my case more modern vid cards update from amd or nvidia or your laptop manufacturer. Step 10. Setting up your screen and taskbar for windowed mode. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/6404-net7configexe-for-running-custom-resolutions/ Follow my guide about the taskbar and net7config.exe Make sure everything listed is set to run as admin/windows xp sp3 etc task bar never combine enable aero peek etc. This is the basics of running e&b on windows 8. Bonus Content I ran into a issue with windows 8 and my laptop keyboard setting. CDel and I were experiencing a problem where if we hit the " ' key ( key left of the enter key) we would get error messages Not Subscribed to a Private channel. The cure is simple. Open your control panel ( hold your mouse over the lower right corner of your taskbar (right of the clock) / click on the Gear/setting button / Open Control Panel / Open Languages(click on small icons in the upper right corner as needed to see the Languages craplet) / Click on add Language / Find, in my case, English / Double-click on the icon and find your language setting, in my case it's English (United States). Click on it and click add at the bottom right of the window. I removed the other languages (us international and english uk) and the problem went away and my typing issues went away. I get this question a lot people do not understand how to restore a collapsed window or to move a window and I get asked how.. This is how you do it I pointed out in my setup tutorial to set up your taskbar and why you turn aero peek on this is the easiest way for me to explain it.. If anyone else wants to add comments or tips and tricks for windows 8 this is a good place to put it. Maybe we can talk one of the forum mods to pin this one also since it's going to start becomming more and more important as people get laptops and new computers with windows 8 on them.
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