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  1. This post is about my mt into the market saturday morning so the bs can stop.   The servers have been unstable recently and zackman in general chat stated he had the spawn timers disabled because they were causing a stability issue.   So last week not many if anyone got a timed raid spawn in.   Server was rebooted to fix VG iirc on thursday and we had our raid trigger friday.   I logged out about midnight est friday night we had killed the rd base and called it an evening.   I did not know if Gobb was up or not, it wasn't my concern.   I do know that VGE did the troller sometime friday afternoon.   So no question we did our raid and VGE did their raid friday. Notta big deal.   Static either didn't know or didn't have the people to do their raid.   Again nothing new it's friday late everyone went to bed.   I woke up saturday logged into teamspeak and had Canman/Smokey PM in teamspeak asking me if I knew anything about GoBB.   I didn't have a clue what had happened after I went to bed.   I had not even been online 5 minutes and the drama for the day had started.   So I told him i didn't know anything and I would find out.   Now mind you my public animosity towards certain parties for abuse heaped upon me over a protracted period of time didn't endear them to me..You know who you are and that doesn't need to be aired here, this is background and history.   EP and Static have been at each other for a month or more now trying to get into the raid rotation.   Static has a proven track record of being balky at times.   We all do.   So with a mission in mind.. I logged into the game( should have gone back to ebd at this point)   Said hello and asked if anyone knew anything about Gobb or the troller.   Nobody in the guild knew anything.   I didn't even get a chance to say hello to the general populace when one of the perpatrators of the crime contacted me and told me what happend.   Epic and a few public guilds had banded together and knocked GoBB off.   I told said individual good for them and to keep it under there hats.   During my conversation with this individual I had a mistell to the market stating.   I as a guild leader cannot condone your actions against another guild in the rotation. As a person I cheer you on for doing what you wanted to do. and as a individual I am glad someone else is finally sticking it to them. or something very closely matching this.   I'm sure Static has it pinned to the wall with darts.   I am a guild leader i had no idea they were doing this and cannot CONDONE them doing it against our agreement.   As a person i am happy to see them stand up to Static and tell them NO with the offer that was made.   And as the individual that was harassed accused of and lied about for close to 3 year I for one applaud them poking you in the eye.   NOTHING will change my attitude.   1. I have asked my guild members if they want to help EG they cannot use BI tags.   They must leave the guild.   2. Good job guys for knocking it out as a guild without supervision.   3. This is what you get for pissing off the biggest guild in the game and attack the guild leader for nonsense you dreamed up and foisted upon us all and drove people from the game with. Nice job guys.   I'm still just the graphics dude and I can't access the dev tools and make content. Funny people are leaving and not coming back because there is no new content.   Maybe you should consider what you do to some people before you blindly attack someone that was and is and is fully capable of being a dev.   Thanks Static. You were hated live for being bullies and you are holding up that reputation 10 years later.. The only real difference is the grey in the beards.   You never grew up you are still just the tiny minded bullies on the playground that want to take the ball and make others suffer.   Did you really think asking Epic to join you on your raids and being magnanimous and kingly was going to sit well with a guild you had told to stick it and wouldn't talk to.   Granted it was from both sides. VGE and BI could only sit and watch while you fought it out.   I did hear you guys did 2 raids with epic saturday Ironic isn't it > :)   So NO I didn't know anything as a person good job and as a individual you asked for it.   I wont comment on this post again I hope the dev's close it But don't remove it.   I will not comment on the problem again.   If you raise a ruckus over this nonsense then I have proven my point.
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