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  1. First, thank you Allura for pointing me in the correct direction. If I find another bug, I'll post about it there.


    I don't normally answer in my own posts, but when I saw this was working as intended I didn't know what else to do. We can absolutely do combat on a character that doesn't have to use ammo. Characters that use ammo already have very few slots, and if you're in an actual fight with a bunch of the mobs & can't cloak a person doesn't have time to stack items in his/her hold.


    It is impossible for us to mine normally. When I mine, somewhere in my hold is Lev 4-9 ore depending on where I am mining. My hold normally fills up in 12 minutes. Can you imagine the time it will take to try to actually find each specific ore, and then to manually put the ore on top of the correct one when so many of them look alike?


    A whole lot of us love this game and would never exploit. There aren't even that many people playing. I understand that you can track every purchase or sale we have ever made on  a character easily. It seems like you could figure it out from those transactions.


    I have met some of the finest people I ever met in a game here. I know a lot of people think sadness is weak, but honestly this whole business of dominance, exploiting, and greed have just made me very sad :(. I'm just trying to have fun playing this wonderful game with my family, and playing like this isn't fun.

  2. Hi there:


         I used to run computer companies when I was in my 30s before so many people got into the business, so I know how hard programming really is.


         I think someone has probably reported this several times some sort of way, but I still don't really know how that works.


         It is so much more difficult to mine or play with the items not stacking.


         Please fix this.


    Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Hi there:


         We've got a brisk economy going on now with both creds, and feathers being traded in large amounts here weekly.


         It would be excellent if we could come together to agree on the value in creds a feather has. I always thought a feather was worth 200m creds until this week when one of the larger feather merchants laughed and said basically (No, feathers aren't worth anywhere near that much). He believes a feather to worth about 100m creds.


         Basically, the members of the market determine the value of an item.


         How much do you guys think a feather is worth in creds?


    Thank you for your time, and have a Blessed Valentine's Day!


  4. Hi there:


         I need some guidance here. The other day I asked to buy a breath of life, and Magoo said good luck. I didn't understand what he meant at the time.


         A friend of mine who gets literally everything said that a guild has taken that spawn, and no one but them can have this item from now on.


         We had a little problem with the Killer Kitties on Pegasus a long time ago. Handling them turned out to be very easy, but this place is different. I don't want a problem so what are we allowed to do?


    Basically 2 questions


    1 Is a guild or a group allowed to take a spawn from everyone else by might?


    2 What are we allowed to do to stop them?


    Have a Blessed Day!



  5. Rental Property


    When I was about 30 we owned a trailer park. One morning my father got me up, and had me sit on his porch about 6:30 in the morning outside.


    We sat out there a little while, and he said "Watch son, all these people that are leaving are going out to earn us a living while we sit here on the porch."


    It worked 30 years ago, and it still works today.


    Have a Blessed Life!

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