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  1. Hey there, I got back to the game 3 weeks ago and finally got 3 OL150. Im from Andromeda too but only name I can remember is our guild leader name Shelley ( or Chelley) … I play 9 months and bought an account to help me and friends, a TE named Snails was on the account and we used him to get our build going. Im off for 2 months and im looking forward to do all raid, working on my build skills a lot for all toons. Im from Quebec, Canada so a USA based players is good for my play time but im off so I play a lot. Left ENB for Asheron call and after to WoW, raiding a lot in MC,BBL until all my friends stop playing after Wrath. I tried a lot of others MMO but … Im a gamer, got a lot of old consoles and near 600 games on Steam.. Looking forward to kill things with new friends.
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