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  1. "To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed on us by someone or something else"          - David A Bednar

    "It's now very common to hear people say 'I'm rather offended by that.'  As if that gives them certain rights.  It's actually nothing more... than a whine.  'I find that offensive.'  It has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase.  'I am offended by that.'  Well so fucking what."         - Stephen Fry

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  2. Excellent Guide!

    One more thing I found out.  If your character does *not* have Build Devices L5 you will be able to get the mission start from T2Z but you will get stumped at Esther McCabe.  She will not continue the mission chat and you will only get her default chat tree.

    So, Build Device L5 should be a prerequisite from T2Z, but he does not currently check for it,  Bug report has been filed.


    Thanks again Stevinium for that Galaxy Map....very useful and has and will continue to be heavily used!



    Question to all my friends above:



    Do you have a really good mission site?  One that shows all of them, perhaps even race/class/level based and where?  Mobs; NPC's; Locations, details...??  I have researched myself and found some help here and there, but not what I am looking for yet...


    There are a few here from the hard work of a player named Duvel ;)


  4. So, Zackman, I saw your post on the SERVER STATUS page, and I wont reply there because the server status has not changed, and it would be bad form, and it looked like this:




    We also re-enabled xmas again for a few...

    And I was overjoyed!  I logged in and saw no Mary Christmas or Snowmen, and my heart fell *sigh*


    Thanks for the try.  I almost thought that I could get thru the mission again :/

  5. With the last server restart, early on January 4th, it seems the Christmas content has been removed.  From reading the launcher notes it seems to have been started on Christmas day.


    So that is a less than 2 weeks, right?  During the busiest time of the year it would be nice if we had a little more in the way of content time than 10 days. 


    Reading further down in the notes it seems that the Halloween content was removed on December 20th.  Now I am not a regular player, and log in during the Holidays for Santa's presents and was in the middle of it and POOF, all gone :(  Some of my toons got it, some didn't.


    If it was meant to only be 10 days, so be it.


    It just seemed a bit short this year.  Would it hurt anything to have been a bit longer?

  6. Thank You, Cimbad!


    But I have more info...


    If you have 2 unique regular snowball launchers you can go to Clobus and he will only modify one of them, not both, so you still cant get the 3rd launcher <_<


    I was really hoping to get a full device build out of them someday for my JE...  Imagine having SIX of them to pelt your friends :ph34r:


    *sigh* oh well....


    Edit:  @ RenoJD I believe there is no "MAY" about it.  If you have a regular snowball launcher, you will not get a second one, and if you want 2 launchers you MUST have Clobus modify the one that you already have, and do it before you hit Earth Station :(

  7. Mary Christmas 2015 Mission – Reward is 3 Skill Points


    You will receive a snowball launcher on the Earth portion on this mission. They are unique items. If you already are carrying a snowball launcher from last year you will have to either space it or take it to Menorb/Clobus the Clown to get it modified. You will need the launcher, one Sweet Solar Oil, and one Refined Gold in your cargo hold. A good time to do this is while you’re at Ishuan since it’s close.

    Thanks RenoJD! 


    So they changed things this year?  I mean, yes, the Snowball launcher is labeled Unique, but I have 9 toons over level 150 that each have 2 of them in their vault.  It is labeled Unique, but they still gave them to you at the end of those missions (over the last 2 years), right along with the one I already had.  And yes, it's kinda silly to have more than one, filling up vault space and all, but you can really fill up your friends windshield with 2 of them :lol:


    Edit; I did not have them modified either...

  8. The Servants of Old (part of mission to convert CVE to nightmare) 6/16 prove yourself worthy: Meditate at the rift of time and space.

    IIRC that mission is referring to the Continuum Wrinkle in Xipe Totec.  I've run that one a few times...


    Edit: I did them a couple of years ago, about a year after the last wipe, so it may have changed

  9. For those not aware of the old ore dealers: there is a current model in a alpha proxima station......go explore! :)  But there were some around, there was one in VT and I think N7..been so long i can't remember where they all were.

    In VT, yes I remember one there.  Also the one you are thinking of I believe was in Joves, rather than N7.  I believe they had green banners with a white outline of a girdle cut gemstone on it.


    I don't remember any others, but there may have been.  Anyone else have memories of Live?

  10. You can get unlimited free books from Junior Malik, but ONLY during :


    Stage 1: Glop 'n Saws  or   
    Stage 1: Sticks and Stones

    you need to have 1 of these missions in progress when you speak to Junior Malik.


    At this time you can print the books and parts, rip and store on alts all the Gnawed Bones you need (5).  Also, during this time, Junior will offer you a book and you must take it, if you do not have one, in order to see his regular inventory.


    Lyle will tell you that Junior will give you books during "Coating a Crucible" but he is a little premature in this statement.  Print the book you get from him and get more later, as stated above.


    Much thanks to all who wrote and contributed to this process :)

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