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Att: KPN and XS4ALL customers in the NL having gating problems (updated 04.Aug 2014)

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Apologies for bumping this old topic,


but has there been any new development regarding this gating/undocking issue with combined with KPN (and probably all its partners XS4ALL/Telfort etc..)


had intended to play a bit while on the move for work, but this issue with KPN (DSL or private phone 3/4G) seems to still exist.




if i leave the settings alone and connect to:


my home network (ZIGGO/Liberty global) i have zero issues.


work phone hotspot 3G/4G (VODAFONE) i have zero issues.


so, KPN somehow hates the way Net7 communicates with the proxy for some reason.


i've fiddled with ipv6 / checkboxes in the launcher (basicly all the potential solutions on this forum) but it just hates KPN while gating/undocking





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just a follow-up in case people still read this particular thread.


gave up fiddling with settings.


found a cheap VPN partner,

split the cost with a co-worker (he needed aVPN to hide his Kodi traffic) 


problem solved.


one could possibly find a free VPN service some place to testdrive i guess.

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