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Flechette Missions

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I have searched the forums for information on how to get the mission.

The only information I have been able to find (in game) is that you need to get a GM to drop it in to your mission log.

Is this correct? If so, does it need to be done in game or can I ask them via the forums while I am off line?


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[quote name='Really' timestamp='1310210246' post='43074']The only information I have been able to find (in game) is that you need to get a GM to drop it in to your mission log.[/quote]I double GM will give you Agrippa mission as B have made it certain that only worthy get it.

Architecti Telum will start the line if you have required level (L100-L134 for first mission ?) and required token 'Basic Progen Optional Mission token'. You are a progen right ? Edited by karu
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Agrippa Technology Stage I

Mission Token (Limited amounts)
Correct hull requirement

You also need to have level 5+ in Build Weapons for the Level 100-134** Token Mission

** or greater if you have not obtained your final hull upgrade.

Agrippa Technology Stage II
Max level in weapon builds (Build Weapons 7)
Start: 2000 Collegia Faction (Start farming it if your not lucky enough to be a Privateer)
A means to enter it, either via Stage I; an extremely rare invite; or a medal awarded to Progen.

Agrippa Technology Stage III
Only open to Progen who have done Stage I and II
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ummmm, Is there anywhere that lists all of the Agrippa missions and how to advance through them? Like a tree that says "if you take this mission the next one is?" And what the rewards are for each one? Then we can actually plan the usage of the tokens toward the reward we desire.

If it already exists....great...where?

If not ....why not? We need one.

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[quote name='Really' timestamp='1310346845' post='43130']
So, if I read that correctly, Stage I is not a prerequisite of Stage II. Is that right?


you can do stage 2 entry examn the following ways:
1: by doing stage 1 of the tech and doing the examn (infinite tries)
2: by using a medal of honor and do the examn (one try per medal)
3: by using an invite to do the examn(one try per invite??)

if you skip stage 1 you can NOT do stage 3

the list is in one of the last replies on page: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/4816-agrippa-question-im-confused/page__st__60 Edited by snotty
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Since the last patch each examination item will also cost 1 million credits.
This has been implemented to stop a sudden gain of 900,000 credits by successful dissasembly and selling of these level 9 items. You still can, but will barely break even now.

via stage I ( infinite buys, but still pay 1 million credits per buy)
via Symbol of Loyalty ( 1 buy per symbol + 1 million credits )

via invite ( 1 buy per invite + 1 million credits )

Note. The invite is rarer than the Symbol of loyalty, but is the only route for Jenquai or Terrans to take part in Stage II. You also will need positive Collegia Faction, as the research is to develop items for the Collegia to give their Centuriata backers.

Invite can only be made by Progen completing Stage I. They also can only make limited amounts of this invite.

Items therefore will have a Centuriata bias to them.


Please note, it is my intention to try to make all bonus missions for Tokens to have equivalent rewards, at the moment however it is a lot easier to make missions that allow people to build items than it is for raid instances etc that can be initiated by people who have done a particular line.

The reason why some Skeleton missions are in 75-100 line is so that if you did intend to do this mission line, you are not excluded in future by now doing this line, for future content that relies on this token mission. A simple NPC talk tree is in place (eventually fleshed out to a propper mission) with a reward equal to that of the full mission. Of course currently these skeleton missions have no bonus missions applied to them.

The build missions are complete; currently working on the Privateer Negociate Token Mission tree 75-100.
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