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I would advise getting all the stuff you will need ahead of time as that will save you alot of running around. Here go's:

Shopping List:

2 L5 Chromium (10 Chromium Ore - Asteroid field at Inverness 2 nav, Inverness)
3 L1 Sulphur (15 Sulfates - Crystal Field nav, Mars Beta)
1 L2 Bromine (5 Brominite - Crystal Field nav, Mars Beta)
1 L3 Fluorine (Raw, Around gate, Inverness Planet)
1 L1 Potassium (5 Potash, Crystal Field nav, Mars Beta)
6 L8 Minosium (30 Minosium Ore, L8 Glowing Rocks, Sectors = VG, Glenn, Freya & Glory's Orbit)
2 L1 Nitrogen (Around gate, Inverness Planet)
1 L9 Zoisium (5 Zoisite, L9 Hydrocarbon, Sectors = Blackbeards Wake, Jotunheim, VT, Shepard, Cooper & Ragnarok)
3 L9 Grail Water (L9 Hydrocarbon, Sectors = VG, Fenris, Nif Cloud, GO & Grissom)
2 L2 Dry Ice (10 Carbon Dioxide, Around gate, Inverness Planet)

1 L3 Plasma Convert Max (Arx Magister, Mars)
1 L1 Sunburst Fusion Core (Arx Magister, Mars)
2 Sterile Petri Dish (Reclaimer Ort in the lounge of Arx Spartoi, Endriago)
1 Sterile Beaker (Reclaimer Ort in the lounge of Arx Spartoi, Endriago)
1 Sterile Graduated Cylinder (Reclaimer Ort in the lounge of Arx Spartoi, Endriago)
1 Sterile Test Tube (Reclaimer Ort in the lounge of Arx Spartoi, Endriago)
1 L4 Electro D4 SuperInducer (N7)
1 L7 Quark Quantum Brain (F7)
1 L7 Nova Armored Vault (F7)

Looted Items:
2 Vacuum Roots (Risco Vacuum Stalks, Risco Moon, Lagarto)
3 Ourboros Eggs (CL35 Ourboros Worms, Arduinne Planet,)
1 Gull Wings (Storm Gull, Zweilhander Planet)
1 Juoona Brains (L7 Juoona at Field of Glass, Swooping Eagle)
1 L2 Scuttle Wings (L1 Scuttle Larvae, Comm Tower, Risco Moon)

Ok, STOP!!! Did you get everything on your list 1st? Ok great! Now we are ready to do the mission.

Mission Name: Weird Science
Location: Essence Research Laboratory (6k NE of the Arduinne Core 5 nav, Arduinne Planet - looks like a small ship)
Mission: Learn the Call Forward Skill.
Reward: Call Forward Skill
Minimum Skill Levels:
Overall Level 135
Prospect Level 6
Build Devices Level 4


1/8 Clean the Filthy Beaker:

a. Your starting spot will be on Arduinne Planet, go there & land on the planet.

b. Goto Arduinne Core 5 nav and point your ship about NE and travel about 6k from nav and hit X like you were looking for
an Asteroid or something. Cycle thru by hitting the "D" key until the nav "Essence Research Laboratory" comes up. You
will know when, when the box pops up. Untarget and target nav again.

c. READ WHAT ANNIA SEVERA IS TELLING YOU! Anna will give you a Filthy Beaker

d. Now if you have done as I asked you will already have all the stuff you need. You now need to go to the closest station
either Inverness Planet or Sommerlad in NE and dock.

e. Now you need to goto the Refining Termal and refine these:

Acid Bath = 3 Sulfur + 2 Chromium
Pristine Beaker = Acid Bath + Filthy Beaker

f. Return to Annia Severa on Arduinne Planet so she can check your work.

2/8 Radiated Petri Dish:

a. Go back to a Refining Termal and refine this:

Radiated Petri Dish = 1 Minosium + Sterilized Petri Dish

b. Take the Radiated Petri Dish back to Annia Severa.

3/8 Prepare a Vegetative Propogation Experiment:

a. Go back to a Refining Termal and refine this:

Nutrient Gell = 2 Nitrogen + 3 Grail Water
Radiated Beaker = 1 Minosium + 1 Sterile Beaker
Vegetative Propogation Experiment = Nutrient Gell + Radiated Beaker + 2 Vacuum Stalk Root

b. Take the Radiated Vegetative Propogation Experiment back to Annia Severa

4/8 Gather Ourboros Eggs;

a. This part is easy, just take 3 Ourboros Eggs to Caius Baro in the Valkyre Twins Sector. Go to nav "Remote Mine Field"
and hit "X". You might have to cycle thru by hitting "D". The box will come up when you hit the nav. Follow his

b. If you got all your stuff including the 3 eggs target the nav again.

5/8 Create Storm Gull Cloning Kit:

a. Go to the Refining Termal at the station in this sector and refine this:

Radiated Reagent Bottle = 1 Minosium + Sterile Reagent Bottle
Storm Gull Specimen = 1 Dry Ice + 1 Gull Wing + Radiated Reagent Bottle
Radiated Petri Dish = 1 Minosium + Sterilized Petri Dish

b. Go over to the Manufacture Terminal & pull up the device list and make this.

Storm Gull Cloning Kit = Plasma Convert Max,Sunburst Fusion Core,Storm Gull Specimen,Radiated Petri Dish,Enucleated Egg.

c. Take Storm Gull Cloning Kit to Annia Severa and she will give you the Mutated Biostructs.

6/8 Mutated biostructs:

a. Take the Mutated biostructs to Drusus Bellator at the Mutation Viability Field Lab. (Near Detention Center Onorum,
Asteroid Belt Gamma)

7/8 Prepare a Viable Mutation and demonstrate your knowledge to Drusus Bellator.

a. Go to a Refining Termal and refine this:

Radiated Graduated Cylinder = 1 Minosium + Sterilized Graduated Cylinder
Radiated Test Tube = 1 Minosium + Sterilized Test Tube
Chem Stim = 2 Fluorine + 2 Bromide + 1 Potassium
Viable Mutation Strain A1 = Juoona Brain + Scuttle Wing + Zoisium + Radiated Graduated Cylinder + Radiated Test Tube +
Chem Stim

b. Return to Drusus Bellator at the Mutation Viability Field Lab.

8/8 Construct an Interpolative Gene Remapping Apparatus

a. Go to the Manufacture Terminal & pull up the device list and make this

Interpolative Gene Remapping Apparatus = Electro D4 SuperInducer + Quark Quantum Brain + Nova Armored Vault

b. Return to Annia Severa for your final exam (build should be 200%)

c. You will recieve your very own call forward, equip it, target yourself, and activate to hear that happy sound
"New skill obtained!"

Special Notes:

It seems pretty random, but Annia and Drusus may send you back to re-do some of the items, so go ahead and buy/loot the extra amounts noted above. You just may need it, and it will save you tons of time from having to go all the way across the galaxy and back just to get more Warning to you though, there were a few reports of people having to re-do things three times..

Using Call Forward

You must be outside a station so you can target the person who wants the Call Forward performed on them. They must have the proper level device equipped. The Bio-Construct must be equal or better level of the skill they are changing. If the skill is at L3 they need a L3 device equipped. Also, the devices are NON-Trade, so unless you are using it on yourself (this can be done), then don’t buy extras for other people.
Once they have the item equipped and you have them targted…

Type /call

This will give you a list of the skills they have that are available for Call Forward. Just find what skill they want done and type the name as follows

For Example

/call Beam Weapon

You must type the name exactly as it is shown in the list of available skills
Also, the person will be given a popup box they need to click describing what will be done after which they have the option to Accept of Reject the Call Forward.

BY Merlin
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