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error - try using the default launcher

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Hello allz. (searched for my issue before posting)


returning player, having a issue where it says i am not using the right launcher. i just set up the game for another returning player, and it worked fine.



windows 10 home

amd ryzen card

8gb onboard ramm



install ->


client first

end up 2nd

net7 launcher 3rd


Set everything to compatibility modes and run as admins. 


i keep getting this error, and the program autpmatically closes. I know i am connected to the server, because this only happens when i enter the "right" password.


Entering the wrong password, gives me the error message, wrong password try again. when i enter the right one, it says use the default launcher and closes.



please if anyone knows how to deal with this issue let me know, thanks and have a great day.


















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It probably happens because server sees udp and https traffic from you are using different ip addresses.


It might be because you have proxy setup in "internet options" (windows setting), or your isp handles udp/https traffic differently.

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by switching my phone hotspot i can log in on both pc. (i set up a 2nd pc and couldnt get on that one either, both connect via my phone.) weird, thanks keru for the help!! so if someone is having a issue with their game and getting that message, hopefully you can try a 2nd internet and see if thats it. thanks all!!

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