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Game not loading after Launch

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I have been trying to get in game Woodstock was trying to help me with my issue i start the game the but it does not launch i have the launcher pointed to the client.exe. Woodstock mentioned that it may be my ip is set to my router and not my actual ip. I tried to go into the hosts.bat file but I do not know how to change it to my actual ip address. Im really not sure what to do or how to explain it anything you need im sure i can get for you.

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23 views and no responses is there any other info that would help out my situation better, I will try to help with what knowledge of computers I have.


Thank you

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Launcher needs to point to EnB/release/client.exe file.


What happens after pressing "play" in launcher, is it launchers net7proxy.exe, that one launcher client.exe and you get game EULA popup, which after accepting opens ingame login window.


You might need to run ebconfig/e&bconfig.exe (probably using WinXP compat mode and/or 'as administrator', same as launchnet7.exe/client.exe).


How far do you get?

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1) What versions of Windows operating system are you running?

2) Are you running LaunchNet v2.2.0 version?

3) A screen-shot would help but, From the Local IP selection, on the right, are you selecting the bottom most IP (if more than one is available)?

4) Do you have the .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) installed?


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