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Week 02 dev meeting answers

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Hello nice Player of the ENB Emu ,


I attended the dev meeting and got some of your question answered :


1. -Numerous wonderer : What is scan power ? Why is the Terran scout 50 scan power on hull upgrade page


The dev say they have no relation to the wiki ,

it seem to them be some modifier multiplier.


  2. - Menace on privateer need adjusting


The Devs are looking into it.


3 The je insignia had langage encouraging you to desroy the insgnia in context if you read it and where not able to complete

the first hull upgrade.


- The dev fixed the language

-The dev are also looking into the hull upgrade insignia requirement  


4. - bug submited Bad Item description for Aspirant insignia


see previous point , the dev have fixed that


5. - Oni bio drop rate is almost inexistant in xipe topec.


The devs are looking into it.


6. - amoor ask : make ardus key like der to ( single use , Blueprint miisson )


Dev will think about it


7. - Neuroje : report of jobs being made in job terminal but fake when you click on it being top or bottom one in line under same faction they say jobs already unvailiable, when no one ( other player ) is there.


dev will look into it


8. - Neuroje ship customization terminal are not working as intended
details as mind of its own , put it one thing and came out as opposite and tottally unintended , did put  aticket on net-7 about it


GM and dev will look into it




As always you can make demand / ask question to the devs / question about possible mission bug / make suggestion here or on teamspeak or by private message.


Another week gone by and is done.


Fly safe in the game , I ope you make your fortune in credits and be safe in real life and be nice to each others in the forums and in the game


- Mouli


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Hey Mouli!  Good job... !


Just saying,




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