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Model Extraction

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Yeah, no, acetone will NOT dissolve PLA. You'll need a cyanoacrilate super glue type adhesive just to glue it together. The only plastic that will be susceptible to an acetone base would be ABS plastic. You'll be fine using just about anything you can come up with off the shelf for priming/filling and what not.


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The only thing you can use is Methylene Chloride on PLA.  It is NOT for the faint of heart.




It can be deadly if inhaled or absorbed through the skin.  Its also carcinogenic.


It is NOT SAFE FOR HOME USE.  In any manor.  You need full body protection (hazmat suit) as well as a respirator (and I do not mean a freaking dust mask) just to handle the stuff.


Vapor smoothing PLA is simply not safe. 


ABS, however, is very safe and easy to vapor smooth using heated acetone.  In fact an ABS glue is easily made using scrap parts (preferably white or clear or in the color of your item) by dissolving the supports, scraps and mistakes in pure acetone and allowing it to sit for a few days.  Shake it up and you can use the goo to invisibly glue your parts together. Technically its welding since the ABS is dissolved by the acetone and the goo is simply a bridge/filler.  But most folks don't respond too well when you say you welded plastic parts together.

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