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Buff Lengths and Skill Animations

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1. Increase buff length. This is must imo. I think items 6-9 should have 1 buff length. (the length of the L9 200 percent items is a fair amount. They should last through nearly an entire raid. (45 minutes maybe?) Also consider that a gate crash/client crash requires you to rebuff.  Items level1-5 should be shorter obviously, Maybe half the length of the l200 9's. 


2. Get rid of (completely) or fix a few of the animations that are just absolutely broken. Rally and Shield / Hull patch are a few good examples. They rarely work and the sound from the hull patch / shield patch runs the entire time that it is bugged. (aka, all the time, every time it's used in a group)



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and we wonder why it's hard to find drivers for groups.....see attached for example of the very, very annoying graphic bugs of which I speak. The entire screen is just a big white mess for nearly any skill that buffs the group.

Graphic Bug.png

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Also I recall that buffs had numbers in them to show how many times they were stacked.
Here's a screenie I took back then.


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