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An Empty Throne

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This is a 20 step mission and I am having a problem with step 17/20.


I have already searched the forums about this mission and any problems with it. The listing of the steps for this mission found here is not the same as what is being displayed in game with my PS.


This is the current text in the mission log for this mission along with the steps that have been opened for me:


An Empty Throne


Theodoric Cassel defies the Sabine Order

to Help Anjuren Kahn's return to power as

the Primarch. In return, Kahn gives Cassel

the Alrair III system.


Mission Steps:

  1. Hear the testimony of Markus Kahn.
  2. Hear the testimony of Praefect Hadrin Gurk.
  3. COnfirm Replublic dealings with Terran InfinitiCorps with Deschide Poarta.
  4. Vinda explains her point of view.
  5. Interview with Soldier Canis at Arx Ymir.
  6. Hear what Gatekeeper Memnon has to say on the state of the Replublic.
  7. Scan the secret Sabura Compound on Endraigo Planet.
  8. Hear Theodoric Cassel's next moves.
  9. Take Cassel's gathered evidence to Anjuren Kahn main deck Pax Remar, Moto, (61 Cygni).
  10. Vinda will task you to seek counsel with the Virtuals of the Machina Replublic on Olympus Mons, Mars. Speak with her for authorization.
  11. Access the holy Virtuals, the collected consciousness of the Primarchs of teh past to hear their counsel.
  12. Confirm the Virtuals' counsel with Vinda.
  13. Speak to Anjuren Kahn. Hear his first commands.
  14. Travel to Nav Deneb Path 3 and investigate the InfinitiCorp presence.
  15. Destroy the InfinitiCorp ships!
  16. Travel to Nav Lagarto Center and locate the Jenquai Intruders.
  17. Destroy the Jenquai interlopers!


But, here is my problem. I have completed all the steps 1-13. And I have gone to Nav Deneb Path 3 and then destroyed the InfinitiCorps ships to complete Steps 14 & 15. Then I went to Nav Lagarto Center to locate the Jenquai Intruders for step 16. Upon arrival to Nav Lagarto Center my mission updated to step 17 - Destroy the Jenquai interlopers! . But, there is no Jenuai at the nav. What there is there is the Lvl 35 Sharim Archaeologist.


So, where are the Jenqui that I am supposed to destroy? According to this post I am supposed to destroy the Sharim Archaeologist before the Jenquai appear. That doesn't make sense. The InfinityCorp ships (InfinityCorp Hauler) in Step 14-15 were Lvl10, so it would stand to reason that the Sharim Archaeologist Lvls should be between 10 and 22. There is no way my lowly PS can even think of attacking a Lvl 35 yet. It is only a OAL of 45 with a C14. I can barely handle a Lvl25 mob.


So, does any one have any idea on what I should do here?

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I'd say, either get help in destroying the mob, or let the mission hang while you gather more (combat)levels. This mission came in while the emu had been going for quite a while, so for lots of players it was easy to breeze through. Not so, of course, for new players/toons.

Best of luck out there!

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Kialia the answer to your question is Yes kill the Sharim Archaeologist, several times

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Well, that does not match that of the mission's steps in the log. And it blows as now I either have to forfeit the mission, or do as Stormhowler stated, until my PS is of proper Lvl to handle Lvl 35 MOBs. So, I suggest that the DEVs to change the mission's script so that the mission is not available until any potential character is at least a minimum lvl to handle the Sharim Archaeologists.


The best thing for me to do would be to forfeit the mission and hope that I can do again at a latter time. But I'm not going to do that, because with my luck I won't be able to do it latter. So, I'll just let it hang there until such time as my PS can handle Lvl 35 MOBs.




thx for the info. I'm not in a guild and I normally play solo. (Mainly because I play when I am able to play. Which can be the next day or several months down the line. I just don't know when.) So, good luck to all.



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Mars Alpha > Tarsis > Primus > Endriago > Altair > Moto ...........to use Moto gate you must get Progen combine faction (-1999 and above iirc) , the easiest way to get this (if you need it) is to travel to Saturn > Net-7 Beacon and choose the progen option and follow instructions . And do jobs that have a progen combine faction reward. If you get progen combine and terran alliance faction you can use both gates :) (the Altair and Aganju gates).

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My guildies gave me help with the combat level 35 mobs, just finished that one yesterday.

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