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I agree, finding orefields or uncommon enemies of the beaten tracks is what makes the explorer class fun. However, maybe some explorer missions could be coded leading people to content they usually would not come across when exploring the Questionmarks in the sector.

If the missions also would require a certain amount of positiv faction towards the station owner of the sector, this could be a great addition encouraging people to take care of thier faction early and do terminal jobs for other reasons then XP.

Lets say for the Capella Sector, different NPCs could start spreading rumors about hidden content,hinting players at stuff, at 2000 positiv faction. More accurate information could be handed out at 5000 positiv faction. At 8000 faction a small mission could be handed out leading across several hidden points of interest.

I understand from a post Kyp made regarding the raidtriggers, that the DEVteams view on the game has different foci then the view of us players. While we want it all and now, the DEVteams concern is to keep us entertaint and able to discover hidden content even after months or years of playing. Maybe a compromise can be reached.

Cheers Hestha Edited by Hargath

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