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Hi folks,


Just FYI, the funds have reached rock bottom so we're asking for some new donations to carry us through the end of the year. In addition to this we just had the annual expense for the backup software that we use on the servers for around $500


At any rate, I just wanted to make a point to say something because the goal is a little higher than normal. I need to replace some funds in our backup / emergency funds that I had to use for the backup software.


Enjoy the game, and we're hoping to have a new content patch out to you near the beginning of October.

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Dang! I just beat you to it...


I just closed out this month's donation run. If I'd waited an hour and let you make your donation, it would have been cheaper for me to do that..!


The way it works is:


When Kyp & Co's Treasure Chest starts getting low on dubloons, Kyp opens it up so that us passing pirates can tithe some of our own booty into it. He sets a target limit for the maximum amount of funds required for that month's/period's drive; and as soon as that total is hit, the website automatically shuts and locks the chest.


But worry not, because it re-opens fairly regularly. So give it another month or so and you will be able to make your donation then.

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