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Incompasitated In Mars Beta...... Possible Bug?

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I have become Incompasitated in Mars Beta while doing some mapping. But, when I click on the button for distress call I start to have problems.


When I click on the "Distress" Button I get the Station Mechanic talk tree.

When I select "I need a tow" the selection options disapeer. But the initial talk tree screen does not change.  Infact the game seems to freeze at this point.  The music is still being place, the graphic effects are still be displayed and updated. But, nothing happens. Even after waiting for 15min nothing happens.


I have also tried to send a message in the chat through Broadcast asking for a GM, if any is online, to please contact me.  But, the chat window does not update. So I do not know if the message had gone out or if any one had responded.


I have also attempted to log out of the game by pressing the ESC key, but the game does not respond to the key being pressed.  I have to eventually TAB out of the game and have windows END TASk to get the game to end.


And every attempt to log back into the game and get a tow ends up with the exact same problem.


The toon I was using is my main toon, Kialia.  I need help on this one, could someone please take of this?



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