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Devastating Gaze/Glare of Devestation

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I know this has been mentioned, but I wanted to make a separate post. I been back on the emu for a little over a month now. And since I am now at the point of using lvl 9 beams (have been for about a week and a half), i also been participating in Fish Bowls/Gate raids as often as I can since I hit lvl 135. Which has been fairly often needless to say. And I have yet seen either of these weapons or the Eye of Zethren Ti drop. I have seen more Fury of the Master, and Smiters Wrath drop as well as Asperities of the Master The Destroyers Gleem , Heart of the Master, and just about any other junk that these two raids have to offer. I have better chances of landing a Ancient Artifact then we do with the above mentioned weapons or Eye Of Zethren Ti.

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L 135+ in 3 weeks.....if any1 is ever complaining about terminals again, i will spawn the dark side of the force.....  :lol:


You Sir.....are posting about items not dropping often enough, now you "complain" about uber-beams not dropping enough.

This game is not about rushing through it, get everything in 3 weeks and move on - it's about a community, an economy and about the way to the top.


Relax, enjoy the game and keep a wishlist open...

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The addition of beams like the L9 Ambushing Jaguar, as alternatives to the Pitbull Sr. means that the beams that are really intended to be rare, can actually be rare.  Beams like the Jaguar address a common complaint, the lack of variety in Plasma beams for Jenquai at the higher levels, especially the JE & JT.  The Made to Live being another example, of weapon improvement compared to the original game.  On the weapon choice front the emulator is superior to the original. 


In the emulator's future addition of beams comparable to the Ambushing Jaguar, should outpace additions of beams comparable to the Devastating Gaze.  If you're a JE you can look forward to a VERY good beam when the storyline advances and the Mars Construction Project comes into the game.  Not only that, you can get it without worrying about raids or drop rates.  It's called the Gaze of Amah, and it's DPS is equal to the Devastating Gaze, according to the N7 Database, and it can be obtained by lots of mining. 

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Yes, I can't wait for Healing the Shear and MCP to come.  Some lovely items to work for.

I'd also suggest people relax and enjoy the game. 

Explore the missions, find all the bosses including the minor ones, help others, do Agrippa, do raids as much for helping others get something nice rather than with the sole aim of getting the best gear within weeks of getting L9.  I have been going on guild raids forever and I love seeing people winning something great even though I still haven't got things like a Hellbore or a glare of Devastation.

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