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  1. And today i had an Oncology appointment last Friday i had a PET scan WELL thescan was CLEAN (OH YEAH) i will have to do 5 weeks of some radiation (Monday thru Friday for 5 weeks) I am also still on my Chemotherapy, I am Taking Votrient for the Chemo, its a pill which i take daily. I will keep everyone updated, so if i am not around I am still here just may not be able to log in
  2. can you post screen shots of your Net-7 launcher screen so we can see what you are seeing, Please..
  3. Things are moving along, the server is relatively stable, the V'rix have returned, we still have our core players that play frequently along with those who only play when R/L lets them When you come back in to the fold just ask for help someone will be there to help
  4. hes supposed to be the Little rock, if you fly up to it you should get a chat bubble over the target screen or a message button at the top of the screen.
  5. Thank you
  6. I should have updated this last week, The Doc sez the tumors appear to be smaller and everything is stable, also still doing the Chemo drugs nightly
  7. Kialia the answer to your question is Yes kill the Sharim Archaeologist, several times
  8. Are you signed in to the wiki? I see everything on both wikis when signed in with my play accounts
  9. the cookies and milk do carry over from year to year, you might have to complete a mission again in order to get to the step for Santa next year
  10. I noticed the last few weeks around midnight (1130-1230 ish) i seem to have a lot of connectivity issues lagging out freezing up when i talk to the NPC's and crashing when docking and undocking and gating. I am curious whet time does the server conduct maintenance routines, it almost reminds me of the Megan hour we used to have several years ago.
  11. I have to agree, I had this issue before thats why i suggested it
  12. You might need to change your windows systems fonts
  13. Und34d3mo Are you running the Net-7 launcher? if you are not the EA game launcher will not work
  14. condolences is required combat level 1, how ever to get the lucky charm you must be combat 30 as a minimum, the lucky charm must be taken from its carrier. that's the only hint I will give out
  15. I noticed the three "new" character do not show up when you run it from the toll menu in the Net-7 launcher. Is there some way to add the "modifier" in order to get the three to show up? I do have the C&S on all three of my computers.