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  1. If someone writes a story/book that turns into a movie about you, I hope it starts with how your parents met, got married, and when you are born, they play this song during your birth scene.

    It would be like Hey World! A great man has just been birthed into this world who is destined for greatness.

    1. Mauiman


      I see that you were birthed in 1955, the same year which a few months later on November 5th 1955 Dr, Emmet Brown was hanging a clock on the wall in the bathroom, he was standing on the toilet, the porcelain was wet, and he slipped and fell and hit his head on the sink and was knocked out. And when he came to, he had an image flash in his head a revelation as he put it, this was as you know of the Flux Capacitor the very thing that makes Time Travel possible.


      So, yeah, 1955 is a great year for people with great minds. And great people like yourself being born. 😀

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