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  1. If someone writes a story/book that turns into a movie about you, I hope it starts with how your parents met, got married, and when you are born, they play this song during your birth scene.

    It would be like Hey World! A great man has just been birthed into this world who is destined for greatness.

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    2. Woodstock DGM

      Woodstock DGM

      for sure

      and thanks for the soundtrack for my life especially since Woodstock is A Jenquai Explorer.



    3. Mauiman


      You know something, if I had a time machine, and infinite resources, I would go back in time and I would get it so that EnB would be ten times bigger than it, EVE Online, Elite Dangerous, No mans sky, Star Trek Online and Freelancer combined. And there would be 200 times more things than what you could ever hope to do in the games combined. And you would be able to have a loooot more customization capabilities to the starship's, ground vehicles, character and even handheld and vehicle mounted weapons combined. And, If EA Games acquires Westwood studios after me making them stronger and fortified and such. I would be sure to keep the tools, and software and everything needed for the eventual closure of the game. I would make sure that Razorwing, Ayusaki and so would be people who gets the goods.

    4. Woodstock DGM

      Woodstock DGM

      I know the feeling


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