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  1. Probably. Never saw it for myself. Wasn't sure it really existed.
  2. Curious about this. I vaguely recall when the game was live that there was a mob called the World Eater and was CL99. Did anyone else ever hear of this, or see it if it existed? Just wondering.
  3. Wouldn't Jenquai or groups with a Jen be able to pretty much bypass the well with high levels of Fold Space and directional [group] teleport? I do like the 'toll road' idea though.
  4. That was the right item. I was able to fully complete the quest chain. Thanks!
  5. That's cool. I appreciate it, and everything you guys have done to bring this great game back to life.
  6. That stubborn Jenquai does not seem to like my gift! I have attached a screenshot as well. This is the first thing he says to me when I talk to him. Afterwards it goes to a talk tree that has nothing to do with the mission.
  7. I hate to bump this up, but I have a problem with this mission. I completed step 1 and can not complete step 2. I am missing the datacube. I believe my inventory was full when I completed the first step. I should have known better as this was a problem during live as well. Acct: absan Avatar: Gouki
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