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  1. I REALLY like this idea, ive been told there is rarly any1 ever on that server unless they are testing something they cant do on other 1. anything to postpone a server wipe lol
  2. Soverign 147 OL TE if needed can duel log 150 TT Aldiea
  3. Well i remember from live there was better trade routes that used higher lvl trade goods, i have my old map from when was in live and i have these markers on it showing me the best trade routes that live had to offer. like glenn to primus or kaliaasa to endriago, just couple of them i have marked.
  4. Its not like merlin multibox's an entire team of himself, just 1 other. then he invites guild mates to bring out lowbies to tour and most of have lowbies on standby just for the tours to help him and get our lowbies rolling.
  5. i can do that to with my alts, i mean look at my sigs, 3 over 100 and2 o f them arent very old. i just do trade runs with 2 toons at a time over and over and over and over and over..... you get the idea once trade is capped the cl and el go up rather fast for the 1st 20-30 lvls doing trade runs lvling slows down alot after 120ish overall are you calling this method cheating? its no more cheat then what merlin does....
  6. I agree with Merlin, if at all possible to not have a wipe unless there is like a total system meltdown. To many ppl alot of time in what they have at this point to have to start all over. And i personally really dont wanna have to do trade runs for another 3 weeks again at this time lol.
  7. i dont remember any commands like that in live lol but doesnt sound bad
  8. sum ppl have no spirit to have fun i guess
  9. I tried to warn ppl when they were talking on general, they REMOVED the ability to duel log on same pc cause of to many problems last night!! I dont care if some ppl claim they are duel logged, they probably have 2 pcs, we can no longer duel log on same pc. Not saying ppl trying isnt what caused our most recent crash but come on....
  10. Keep the buff but remove the graphic effects and we will be happy to have the buff
  11. Indeed, out of nowhere it just up and stopped working 8:58 am est
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