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  1. Just an idea i got from reading the old topic. Sence some people are concerned about weapons / gear that you would get from pvp, is it possible to add a new type of damage and make the pvp-gear only affect that kind of damage? For example, everybody starts with a lvl 1 pvpshield that has xxx pvp hitpoints. The only way to get thru this shield is to use a pvpweapon that use a weapon that provides the pvp damagetype. That weapon does zero dmg of the other damage types ( like plasma etc... ) That way, thoose weapons / gear gets totally useless in pve. When you kill a player, you would get tokens and with thoose tokens you could buy upgrades for your ship for example a lvl 2 pvp shield with more pvp hitpoints. Or maybe this is to hard to implent? / PvP
  2. Hello there! Well i'm not ingame atm but i do read the site!
  3. hey Zyntax are you still here??
  4. We are not modifying the core, we are changing the emu so it's following the core lore. And from the beginner point of view. Sol is the beginners area really, so where we put the gate to the "more experience players" sector doesnt really matter. All i suggested was follow the original docs and place the gate in Pluto. And belive me, it doesnt take much work to do it.
  5. Yeah, it's true that planets move in their orbits but tbh, it's just a game and we dont want to complicate it to much. But i doubt when we somday can travel to Mercury, i doubt that we are going to take the scenic route thru Pluto. Perhaps we should just accept when we gate from sector x to sector y, we arrive at their orbital spaces. Keep in mind that we dont land on the planet itself unless we travel to it. Shuzun: Why i suggested that we move Akerons Gate from Saturn to Pluto is simple. According to the original dev documents, the location of the gate was near Pluto, i can give you a quote from the devdoc. "So IC found out about the gate, and the earth government, the precursor to EC, and the Progens decided to get they selves a slice and went to war again to get some access to Akerons gate area, out in Pluto. Eventually, the war was resolved, with much death, good EC people blowing up their ships, and crazy ass Mordane getting caught in the explosion." Why it's located in Saturn today is simple because back in live, it was the last planet. (They scrapped Neptune because they never got it to work correctly.) I belive that's why Saturn is now also a major hub today as you said. . But we dont want to change it to much. And yes, the ancient did build the gates, but not the one connecting for example Saturn to ABG. They are terran design. The gate to Antares is an example of Ancient gate design. One neat idea would be turning SOL into one huge gigantic sector where the planets spins in their orbits and you have to chase the planets if you want to reach them. And give the planets the coward AI so the planets flee from you when you aproach them!
  6. To much to describe them all!

  7. Yes.You could still go to Beta hydri from Saturn ( and thoose other non-Sol sectors that connects rookie areas ). Who knows. Perhaps Saturn is the nearest planet to B.H i RL? I havnt got a clue to be honest. My suggestions are only about planets / sectors located in Sol. Most of us know how the planets in Sol are located. The way i see it ( i wonder thou why WW / EA didnt see it that way ) is that gates inside a system should be jumplanes/gates between planets. Gates that connect systems to eachother should be warpgates. ( I hope that make sence, it's late )
  8. That's the problem with the attached map.. The new sectors isnt on them.
  9. Every time i look at the new starmap it makes me wonder how some places are connected. Especially in Sol, many things seems to be out of order. Sure, most of the things can be explained back when the game was live for example gate to Akerons Gate beeing placed in Saturn simply because it was the "last" planet. But now when our nice devs has added new sectors in Sol (Mercury, Venus, Ceres, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto ) shouldnt the gates be located at their "correct" places? Shouldnt the gate to Akerons Gate be located in Pluto ( Read the enb bible, it tells you where the gate is really located ) There is also a few other gates that can be questioned. Why are Mercury and Pluto even connected? Why is Ceres connected to Venus when it's located in a asteroid field between Mars and Jupiter? My suggestion on how the systems should be linked now that we have new systems:
  10. What?? Mee?? *hides* *edit* Both the ordinary and the other test server is dow, seems like there is a bigger problem somewhere..
  11. baaaah.. I login and the server crashed!
  12. Nope! The only classes who can trade are: - Progen Sentinel - Terran Scout - Jenquai Explorer
  13. Yeah i agree somewhat on this if we want the game to be as it was back in live. Alltho, i also find it kind of annoying sometimes not knowing what you'll get after you finished a mission. Almost all mmorpgs today tells you what you reward is. This is one thing i think enb is missing. ( That and a complete mission breifing under the mission tab )
  14. Ah i see. I guess we just have to wait and see then btw. what language does the game/server use for example the guild codes?
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