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  1. Wizards of Doom *|WoD|* is now open recruiting. The Guild is its members. We're a small group of mercenaries who are allied with the Red Dragon. We often spend time exploring the galactic systems. Seeking new loot and new jobs. There is no job too big or small. We do everything from assassination to taking out the trash! Above all whether or not you become a member of WoD, it will be a name you will get to know and like. We don't plan on getting big, that's not our style. Our goal is to have fun and help the community, at the same time maintaining small-medium in size. We do however plan on doing raids and other end game events, with the option of going with or without alliances. Our guild is fairly new to the ST4 / Emulator of E&B, but we were known and respected on the Galileo server during Live. Normally our guild recruits by invite only, we will be casting open recruiting 'til the guild gets a sufficient amount of dedicated members. If you think you got what it takes to be a WoD, head on over to our website and sign up in our forums section. http://www.teamwod.comli.com Thanks for your time. *|WoD|*Tokee TeamWoD Leader.
  2. I was online when all that nonsense took place. I'm glad a official was online to deal with them. I'm glad u kicked them. Good to see the DEVs and GMs taking care of business. Keep up the good work.
  3. Thank you everyone who put time, money(even to the fans who donated), and effort into this project. Your work is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!!
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