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  1. Yes I bought this game way back in the day when it first came out and played it with my guild, Sarmis, for about six months straight.   Had to take a break then but after about another 4 months I resubbed ( never a fan of subs) and continued until sunset.  A sad day.    Still have the box and original game somewhere.  It was my first MMO and hence always has that special place.
  2. I wish I had some advice for you but I tried all of the tweaks ( that were technically possible for me anyway)  that I could find here and none improved the situation for me with Win 7 64.   Wish you luck and if you found something that worked for you, could you please post it for the rest of us.    Thanks.
  3. Thanx for the tip.   Pretty sure I am not going to change my entire OS just to play this game though.   Not at this time anyway.     If I do I will give it a try.
  4. Still no success.   Only play one toon at a time.  Have tried all the different boxes on and off. no luck.   Close all extraneous programs I could find.  Firewall off, Spybot off.  Tried messing with network settings as per Zackman.  no luck.   Pretty close to bailing at this point.  I am not techy enough to figure out half the suggestions I see. Will likely just come back now and then to shoot a few things.     Sad that everything else about the game seems to work well, but not gating is a game killer.
  5. Heya Holyman, tried a few other of Zackmans suggestions last night and sadly none of them helped.    Thanx for the tips, I am kinda hesitant to mess with my ISP just for a game when everything else seems to work fine.   I might give it a try though, and will let you know if I have any success.
  6. Nope I am not in UK and have tried most suggestions here.     There were a few gates in Arragoth where things worked well and I thought problem was fixed but no, every where else I tried, Sol, Beta Hydri and Tau Ceti I hang every time.   Very frustrating and unfortunately not being a computer geek, I really don't have the smarts to fix this myself.   Oh well, you were fun while you lasted EnB.   At least I can come back and look at my ships from time to time.  :P  Trading and exploring are pretty much out the window though. :( 
  7. Tried this and did not work.     Of course I was also not having a problem when this was written, only since the latest patch.
  8. Love the game.   Can't play it.   Thanx!
  9. Well this is happening to me now as well.    I was away from the game for some time, but had minimal  lockups before this.  Now I am locking up at gates almost every time in the Earth sectors.   It really is unplayable in this state unfortunately.  I have the game on 2 computers and same thing happens on both.   I hate to say goodbye, but no fun to be had with constant restarts.    Will keep checking to see if anyone admits that there is a problem here that needs to be fixed.
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