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  1. I am so glad that this game is still up and running all these years later great game great players awesome dev team! Here's hoping it goes strong for another 10 years!
  2. yeck no looting damage or death pen. Pure fun or maybe a escrow deal for bet items or creds as in no welching on bets but head lol Mostly i just want to be able to kill players lol
  3. I skipped live even though i was one of many who had been in the beta so long had a free paid up account. I was just to burned out. But i remember gut busting laughs during pvp nights in mid beta stress tests. Other games ive been in used a pvp flag you could turn on and off and made you pvpable any where in game so long as the flag was on others used a request system and again you could auto accept auto ignore or set to chose (imo the best system used that i seen). In these games we would some times toggle our pvp to on then play a game of hide and seek were we would go and hide some where in a zone and give the hunters clues. If they found us they would get something some times game money eg gold creds what ever other times a weapon armor what ever and for killing us they would get more. It added allot of fun to the game. Then of course their is build testing usign pvp where you can know every thing about the target and your own char. So you could test how your new armor (shields) performed against x or how much damage your weapons do against x.
  4. I would love to see pvp in a arena setting. For get all the medals of valor and rewards this would spoil the fun. Just have arena where you can pummel each other with no xp debt. PVP is also a great way to test out your builds and weapon load outs. We can talk dps dpm etc all day long but it is much much easier to test a weapon set up in 1 v 1 pvp as you can know exactly what the other player has. As for the comments on 2 jes dueling it out try any 2 jenqs period esp if both are using directional fold warp fire fold etc. It gets to be quite funny to watch.
  5. Yes i know this is a very very old post. How ever i took the above linked trip planer/ calculator html page and compiled it to a exe (that is all i did no tweaks no changes looks and works exactly like the html web based version but in a handy exe format. Credit goes fully to the original creator i just needed something a little more local and compact. It is a resizable 300x800 window on launch wish the program allowed it to be a tiny bit smaller as on a 1280x 800 screen it would fit perfectly beside a windowed enb window. any how here it is https://goo.gl/zjFVO9 little suckers bigger than i thought at 5.9 mb but eh part of the process lol screen shot of me using it and the forum post included
  6. What this crew has done is nothing short of amazing. I loved this game from day one of beta (i was in closed beta like way closed beta) Honest truth where earth and beyond is today is close to what the good folks of west wood wanted not totally there but close. Had this been a WW game only and not a EA game who knows how long it would have lasted. I wish and hope that some how this crew of developers and players can simply get full rights to enb and take it where it should have went. And im back and here to stay my long period of beta burn out is now a thing of the past hehe in game main char name seto novaflare is my wheeny alt PP Hes gona get some levelen loven soon enough. I to think it would be pretty sweet to see a few new classes or hybrids added but if its not in the cards its not in the cards.
  7. *snicker cerdith i remember her well lol I was a very early tester like way early went by nova and novaflare back then good times. I oddly never played in retail i was to burned out from all the beta testing though if all goes well i might be coming back. Oh btw grats to the net 7 crew on 13 years of enb after ea pulled the plug (you all showed them a thing or 10) incredible achievement!
  8. No chance would i not even if free. They were dirty for how they did all of us back when they closed down this game. And they would do the same again. Im hoping my old laptop will play e&b will find out tonight when i get home. 
  9. I started testing earth and beyond in alpha 2 if i recall correctly and continued up to retail release. I only played a couple months in retail as i was fully burned out. Im going to start playing again if my old lappy will handle it and by all accounts it should as i originally tested on a 32 mb vid card 1.2 ghz tbird with 512 meg ram. The lappy has 1gb ram 64 mb vid card and 1.9 ghz cpu.  Will just have to try it and see. If i get any sort of playability i might stick around.    BTW i was novaflare and nove back then as well. So im betting some old timers remember me esp if any of the devs and gms from beta are around :p
  10. If you don't mind a total noob who is also a really old old timer (from alpha 2) I would  be interested in joining up. Ill most likely be using some variant of nova or novaflare or maybe nanaki (yep the dog char from ff7)
  11. will do once i have some again. I lost most every thing in a hd/computer crash. Had cd back ups  but no clue where they are. Working on a couple mid evil weapons for fun right now.
  12. any irc chans for earth and beyond im bored and looking at like 10 hours dl time on this useless muni wifi. 
  13. yeh i seen this. I remember EA axed a ton of content prior to even the beta phase. What im wondering about the most is new 3d models and how i might be able to get in on maybe making some. I mostly do static models no animations etc but shoot no reason why i couldn't make some base models and let some one else o textures and any needed animations. Im assuming that the new char classes have new models so im sure importers and exporters exist for 3d studio max 9 which i have a legal copy of. 
  14. I was in alpha phase 2 and continued a couple or 3 months in to retail launch. Kind f burned out back then. It was a been there done that to many times type thing. I remember some crazy times in alpha and beta phases. Cant wait to get back in game. 
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