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  1. Did a fresh install and all the above steps and still getting same error
  2. deleted file got it to update when i logged in it said same thing and booted me to my desktop
  3. tryed it forced update does nothing i click it and window just sits there
  4. i did it in admin mode but when i hit reset updates it didnt down load any thing
  5. I tryed deleting net7proxy.exe hit reset update didn't look like it re down loaded. Hit plat and got error uploading pic of error
  6. i cant log in. when i type user name and password i get error "sorry your login does not appear to be valid try again using default launcher" i click ok and it boots me to windows. i tryed with no password and just says pw is wrong. but does not boot me to desktop i have had some one else log in using my user name and pw thay worked just fine. i tryed reinstalling didnt fix it ether. was told to post on bug tracker but cant post there can any one help?
  7. does NY ONE have ts info
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