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  1. I guess this patch is taking longer than expected.
  2. Not sure what's going on. I got multiple characters all over the place but I cannot log in any of them and server population does not seem to change on the net-7 launcher.   Whenever I try to log in any of them I get the following error after selecting the character:   Any ideas?   Thanks.
  3. shouldn't more than one person have access to reboot server when needed? perhaps across different continents. :)
  4. Seems to be down now. launcher cannot connect. tried with 2 different connections. Tried from my normal cable internet and 4G hotspot. no go for either.
  5. Sweet. that works. Thanks. now I can play Woot!
  6. OK. so Microsoft released SP1 for windows 7. Installed it. game does not work anymore after that. I launch the net7 launcher and start. I get to the login screen for EnB. I put in my username and password and it quits to desktop right away. never get to a character selection screen or anything. I have tried this with multiple accounts. same issue. I have tried with local cert and without. I then decided to try on another computer that I had just installed SP1 on. same exact issue. I rolled back from SP1 and game works fine without any issues. Put SP 1 back on and back to the issues I then did a clean install of windows with SP1 installed. installed game, patches, etc. started game. login, quits to desktop. never even get to the character selection. I then decided to redo my laptop once more and installed windows 7 back from fresh (on a SSD is fast so I can keep trying all kinds of things). installed the game afterwards. all was ok. got in. no problems aside from the normal ones. but i got in. Then i installed SP1 again. now I am back to quit to desktop after login. Seems there is an issue with windows 7 SP1 and the game. Since SP1 is final and some people have automatic windows update enabled it may start updating on more and more people so we may see this a lot. If anyone else had the same problems and found a fix or workaround please let me know. Thank you.
  7. managed to log in using local cert. haven't crashed out yet.
  8. as long as we don't get another guild like A99 was then we're fine. most pegasus people can tell you that A99 (anarchy 99) guild was the worst guild.... they would raid steal and everything. I remember once when the whole server was pissed off at them and I was playing as a JE, i was sitting at the VT weft and giving people rides since I was bored. Now on the pegasus server usually used to tip 5-10k credits for a WH. This one time.. (at band camp... j/k)... this A99 member came and demanded a free wormhole to paren from VT. so i waited a minute for him to change his mind and pay for it. (any other guild i would give free wormholes, but not to any A99 members...) so i asked him to pay. he refused and demanded me to WH him to Kaillasa from VT... so i decided i should WH him to endriago instead.... So I did... boy was he mad afterwards. however the whole server started laughing at him when he started ranting on market and general channels about me sending him to endriago instead of paren... This was regardless of the topic but just wanted to share the story with you guys fly safe.
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