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  1. I'm a recent return. You might have seen me in space as Gamera or Setoh. It's been a while, and I've been having a great time. So we all know about the grav wells around Aragoth, and around those grav wells often are our friends waiting to poke the bear - the Sulani. Anyway, the other day I was in Endriago doing Endriago things, when I got surprised by a Helkos patrol. And... surprise, who do I see? So I'm intrigued. Who are they? Do they have anything to do with the big fellow in Witberg?
  2. I've downloaded it but haven't patched it into the game. Love drone soundtracks though. It'd fit with the Jenquai music perfectly. The Terrans' or the Progen trumpets and snaredrums would be a bit jarring but otherwise still nice.You compose these yourself?
  3. 1600x900, full widescreen support without stretching. its a lofty goal but i hope its achievable.
  4. Very needed for my menace, the activation animation is a bit of a guessing game atm. And yes, going by what I hear about the current FB versus the one in live, the live one was a slaughterhouse. You basically had to keep teams of TTs and JDs with summon ally on the very edges of the sector to make sure everyone didn't get crushed in the first wave. JEs and PSes ran around suicidally rezzing everyone that would drop before getting mowed down themselves, at which point they would self-js and start over again. Great times!
  5. I had a 150 TE in live but have since jumped to a PS. How is missile accuracy in the emu as compared to live, in which at least one out of your 5 missiles was guaranteed to miss the mob on average, depending on missile turnrate and the mob's agility? I'm just asking because part of the dangers of kiting in a competitive area was that as a TE you had the weakest DPS of the three combat classes, and would need to often bombard targets with 3-4 salvoes by charging from max range to 0.0 so everything could hit at once and guarantee your loot rights with 51% damage. That too gave kiting a unique challenge. People just don't like TE kiting and KS attempts were frequent. A TE whose every missile hits the target has much less to worry about with competition.
  6. Terrans get enough, in my opinion. Not only with the equipment versatility in regards to Jen engines and Progen reactors and all the devices, but cargo hold size as well. Cargo itself is a huge advantage. Trade levels faster, warriors can hold more loot, and Scouts have an enormous advantage over other mining classes. Honestly I would do fine with the Warrior's Heart line becoming Progen only. My Scout feels a bit overpowered right now. There would need to be a lower-signature Terran line produced if the Halley/Hebe line became Jenquai only, though. Ever try to hunt in Cooper with either a Solar Sail or an Eagle line engine? Neither works very well, the Tengu were designed around everybody in there being low-sig and quick. There needs to be a gameplay reason to want to play Jenquai or Progen traders aside from aesthetics.
  7. Cherry picking is poor etiquette and generally should be avoided, but in the event of a full hold it's okay. Once in a while. But for everybody else's sake, keep a free spot or two in your hold for trash ores. You don't like seeing a field full of half-empty L9 hydrocarbons with nothing above L7s in them and neither do I. Cool? Cool. As for more than one miners inside a field, it's all competition. Don't think I'm going to leave that Erebusite if you haven't gotten to it yet, sorry.
  8. I'm gonna level this out for you. A lot of us used to play this game when it was live. We subscribed to it until EA shut it down. This server is the result of years of work by the people you're mad at, that you are now playing for free. There is no money going to them for their time and effort. The GMs who uphold server order, the developers who continue to work the code and improve our playing experience -- they're doing this because they like to. If the GMs are on your case, ask them why. I'm sure they're trying to get things done in a fair manner and they'll be happy to show this. The only thing getting to me on this is that you're upset over something that you're not even informed on. I'm not saying that in an insulting way. You need to read this topic start to finish before going on. If you have questions about it, feel free to ask. I'm going to reiterate that you are playing a game for free that is run for players, by players. There are simple rules to follow here that ensure everyone has a cool, enjoyable time. Just have a look at them, okay?
  9. ^^^ Pot meet kettle? I'm sure the interactions with the above poster and the GMs have been the GMs doing their job, after seeing his general attitude in game. The GMs' job is to maintain order and uphold general server rules. Chances are he's never read said rules and sees the GMs' requests for him to straighten up as bullying. You know what? Maybe we shouldn't hold community events where toys get given out anymore. People are too negative to take pleasure in other peoples' success. It's a *Censored* game, and we play it for free. Show some gratitude.
  10. Oh, it's finished all right.
  11. (9):10:19:16 [General] Alcapone: he is a gm he can make more hb's (9):10:19:26 [General] P2963 [DGM]: no I can't (9):10:19:48 [General] Data: just make if fair for us slow ass PWs hehe (9):10:19:51 [General] Hashmanisje: all I heard was any questions so I said that thing about the sparrow (9):10:19:55 [General] P2963 [DGM]: I cannot make items for this....only items I have looted while out playing since start of ST4 Note the bolded parts. The items were not GM created.
  12. Rudo

    Thank you

    Yep. Keep it comin'.
  13. I witnessed this event from beginning to end and chose not to participate. I instead capitalized on the suddenly sparse Glenn fields. It seemed all kosher to me, but I wasn't in N7 to actually watch how the lines were handled. But ultimately: - This is a stress test. These items will soon be wiped and we'll all be L1 again, scrambling around the starter areas and trying to score the first analysis on the Hounfour shield line to gain status as an alpha builder on the server. - This game is free, brought to you through the hard work and free time of people as passionate about E&B as you are, only these people actually did something. Not that they should be immune to accusations of favoritism, but give them the benefit of the doubt. - This is a video game, an emulated server of a dead MMORPG. Don't get worked up over it. Final statement: This is not important. Quit with the conspiracy theories and drama and apply that kind of critical thinking toward areas that may actually impact the meaningful parts of your life. This game is all just ones and zeros. I'd assume that losing characters we'd all spent months or years on five years ago forever would be a revelation, that the game is meant to be treated as a light leisure activity. Why isn't it?
  14. Rudo

    Our Community

    Oh, for the love of pete. I don't understand how people can take a game or anything on the internet so seriously. Newsflash: This is an MMO. There is no way to 'win' at MMOs aside from just having fun doing what you enjoy, and bringing enjoyment to others. You can set minor goals for yourself and your friends, but ultimately nothing done here truly matters. This counts double as this is a stress test and the tide is coming in fast toward our sand castles. No community is 100% angelic, and what some consider clean good-natured humor others can consider cruel and tasteless. To some these can be considered 'bad apples' and 'elitists', while to others the attitude is just common fun. People will crack jokes about touchy subjects, it's a fact of life. Also painting a community with one big broad brush is just setting yourself up for surprises. People are different, whether they're returning Live vets or newcomers. Some have coarse senses of humor, others have finer sensibilities. One can't tell people not to tell dumb jokes, just as one can't tell them to not be offended. But I can tell you one thing. All this? Is it really that important? Just... go for a walk or something. There might not be a way to 'win' MMOs, but there is a way to lose. By letting them get the better of you; through either the people, the game itself or by using the game as a crutch to escape actual life problems that really should be dealt with. We're all here for a good time, not for a long time. Chill out.
  15. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA Don't mind me, I'll be enjoying a damn fine job of emulation while remaining wilfully ignorant of the internal squabbles of the people who make it possible. I think this is the right way to go for most here. I've been on the inside on too many mod and server projects, I just want to enjoy it from the outside.
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