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  1. Hi I havent played for a month or two and when I went to log in a updated version of Net7 installed, afterwards I havent been able to even get past the LaunchNet7 .... all that happens is continuos page after page of LaunchNet7 everytime I press play another LaunchNet7 page pops up.... I have uninstalled completely the entire net7 and game reinstalled and forced updated and still I get multiple Launch pages and even my tool bar shows them now so I close them all and try again and still nothing. Its 1.9.9 version and on the bottom right of the launch page it says Current Version: 340
  2. Hi all I have gone through all the steps to downlaod and install everything, I launch Net7 and continue to have a offline status, I went to the Q&A section and it says to go to Internet Options then Connection the click on the LAN settings and check the box to Auto detect ..... I have done all that as well and am still getting a OFFLINE status ..... any idea what next to do or am I just out of luck ?
  3. I have installed everything accourding to the forum GETTING STARTED I run the Net7 launcher and im getting a constant Offline status I looked in the Q&A section and it said to go to Internet Options, connection and click on LAN Settings and clicked on the box to Auto Detect Settings and am still offline, HELP lol thanks !
  4. Hello I played the original version of E&B I still have the 2 disk installation disks, can I use those or do I need to follow the start from scratch forum instruction? Also am I able to use my old characters from the original game/ old account ?
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