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  1. Azermon2

    Avatar Transfering

    Hmmm, okay I guess I'll figure something out.
  2. Azermon2

    Avatar Transfering

    I am trying to transfer a couple avatars from one linked account to another and I keep getting the same message. Alert: Rejected: Something is not correct with this move - please inform the webdevs! Please open a ticket (menu) and supply the avatar name and your game(!) account name. Opened a ticket but was told they only deal with in game issues. Any "webdevs" able to help with this issue?
  3. Guild: Damage Inc. Founder: TsunamiTT
  4. Azermon2

    Character Name Changes

    I am assuming this isn't possible yet since I can't find it.  But being able to change the name of your character(s) would be awesome.  You could set a rule like the account transfers of 180 days or even longer if need be.
  5. Azermon2

    Server Status (outdated)

    Still stuck on the never ending load screen.  Everything else seems to be working fine now.  :(