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  1. Thanks that is a pretty good start as a worst case, but will require a ton of manual input to start with. I was hoping to get something that was in a DB format so it could be more easily imported into the new SQL database I would be building to manage the web application. Like a SQL script to generate table structures with data (or delimited export) based on the database the emulator is using already. This way I can just reference those as the nav 'objects' and work on the actual application and database structuring related to it. Is this something the devs would be willing to make available for such an undertaking? It could be in the most minimalistic format as to not give out more information than is needed.
  2. Is there a resource available with all the possible navs in a SQL DB (or exported delimited file) type format that can be downloaded and used? I am wanting to make a web application that can be used to facilitate finding locations for specific ores and mobs that the community can maintain, but it would be very helpful to have a way to import all the existing nav locations (Name + xyz coords) so that when players are making/editing entries they can pick those from preset dropdowns if they don't want to manually input the xyz. I am just conceptualizing the project at the moment but wanted to see how much (if any) of these types of resources were publicly available before deciding on how to structure the rest of things and to help assess the scope of the project. Thank you
  3. I haven't been playing the past few months, but posts like this just remind me of how awesome you all are as a community *tears up* Long live E&B!
  4. Whether you multi-box sometimes or all the time, two accounts or six accounts, the answer would still be yes in my opinion since the question was not 'Do you ONLY multibox'  :)
  5. I was just curious how the donation limiting works because of how the organization is structured?    I ask because I frequently would love to donate but it appears the donate area is never accepting them and says it is fulfilled  :)   Am I doing something wrong, or is it as I suspect that you can only accept so much $$$ in a period of time?    Just curious what those limits are, and if there are any creative ways we can increase them (counter expenses such as R&D, More staff, a side service that is not subject to the same restrictions, etc. ) because I have a feeling others would be happy to donate more frequently too!   Thanks and keep up the amazing work  
  6. I have a dream that one day this universe will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these raids to be self-evident; that all players are created equal."   I have a dream that one day on Mars Alpha, with its aggressive genetically-altered Progens, with its Proconsul Kerr having his lips dripping with the words of perfection and genetic manipulation, one day right there on Mars Alpha little Terran boys and girls will be able to join up for raids with little Progen boys and girls as group members.   I have a dream today.   I have a dream...  That little Jenquai children will one day live in a universe where they will not be judged by the name of their guild but by the damage of their beam lasers.   So now, let the raid invites ring from the General channel!   Let the raid invites ring from the New Players channel! Let the raid invites ring from every local player and friend in the sector.  From every nav point, let the raid invites ring.   And when this happens, when we allow the raid invites to ring, when we let them ring from every space station and planet, from every faction and every system, we will be able to speed up that day when all of the Devs children.. Terrans, Progen, and Jenquai, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Tada-O spiritual, "BIG! STRONG! WOW! Tada-O!!"
  7. Is there a way to specify the Local IP to use when calling the net7proxy.exe directly?    I am trying to use a desktop link for the game but it is defaulting to use my VPN IP address since I am not specifying it in the command line switch, and that gives me a 'Server Failed to respond to Login attempt' response.   I would also love to know the other switches for things like 'Delete TH6 files', etc.   Ultimately I am trying to have something like this as my shortcut (with my Local IP and other preferences above set):   C:> net7proxy.exe /address:sunrise.net-7.org /client"d:\games\enb\release\client.exe" /POPT /EXREORDER   Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Have to agree here for the same reasons. I don't have a problem with swearing till your heart is content but not in a public area where it is clearly not appropriate. Please consider other people and what you are saying before doing so in public I personally just ignore this type of behavior but it does not make it any more acceptable. We call it disorderly conduct and it is usually against the laws of both the virtual and real world A typical definition of disorderly conduct defines the offense in these ways: A person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally: (1) engages in fighting or in tumultuous conduct; (2) makes unreasonable noise and continues to do so after being asked to stop; or (3) disrupts a lawful assembly of persons; It sounds like from the screenshot he was hitting 3 for 3...
  9. Agreed. It seems like a no brainer if you compare the sites on ease of use and performance. I have never been impressed with the layout/navigation on the main net-7.org site, and now we are forced to use it for everything? The old site was lightyears ahead of this one. Please just transplant the data.
  10. In the servers quest to forever expands its knowledge of it's human playtesters... It has become SELF AWARE!! DOOOOM!
  11. Would be nice to hear from a Dev at some point with a little insight about any of these crashes *shrug* Perhaps not all of us care but some of us do like to know what is going on under the hood, or if you are having trouble figuring the issues out and why Worst Case: We as testers are informed and allows us to be more efficient Best Case: We might even be able to help Just my 2 credits Please insert coin(s) to continue
  12. I think the 10m per stack manufacuring cost keeps it from being over powered too Although it did seem to over power the economy... Also you may want to double check that rebalance because according to Tradermagoo's extensive testing (as of 12-02-2010) the DPS remains unchanged in actual practice.
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